HPF has accomplished Proficiency Testing Program (PTP)

27 Aug 2019

HPF has recently accomplished the Proficiency Testing Program (PTP – https://ptpscheme.com/pt-scheme),a series of tests established  by Airbus, Safran, GE, MTU, GKN, Airbus Helicopters and Rolls Royce in order to qualify Laboratories around the world on the basis of ISO 13528:2015 standard.

The PTP-tests performed by the HPF Laboratory were specifically focused on the Metallic Scheme:

–          1. Alpha case depth determination

–          2. Grain size determination

–          3. Hardness

–          4. Micro Hardness

–          5. Tensile at room temperature on Ti alloy

–          6. Tensile at room temperature on Steel

–          7. Charpy impact test at room temperature

The reports issued by EXOVA, the certification centre authorized by COFRAC (le Comité Français d’Accreditation) to deliver the PTP tests, are available upon request by contacting our Quality Department:

Our Lab code is MET-2019-4940

  1. Kit No. 10-2-2019
  2. Kit No. 10-1-2019
  3. Kits No. 6-1-2019; 6-4-2019
  4. Kit No. 6-1-2019
  5. Kit No. 1-1-2019
  6. Kit No. 1-5-2019
  7. Kit No. 5-1-2019