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The rich technical heritage of HPF in the manufacturing of titanium and other special materials enables us to stand out in the industry of medical devices; being also specialized in the fields of hot forging and heat-treatments, HPF also offers a wide range of services for the energy and aerospace sectors.
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From 2007 onwards

Founded in 2007, as a spin-off originated from an important Italian corporate whose main activity was centred on the processing of titanium and other materials, HPF Srl has progressively become a trustworthy supplier for international leading companies within the Aerospace, the Automotive and other markets connected to the Energy industry. In parallel with this, as the HPF’s technical department also has a strong expertise in the Medical field, another area of the company which is also rapidly growing: is the production and the design of orthopaedic high precision components and surgical instruments.


The remarkable results achieved in the medical business, led the company to make, starting in 2012, considerable investments in research, innovation, equipment and personnel. This proved to be a smart choice as, a few years later, the majority of the HPF’s revenue came from the sale of prosthesis, implantations and surgical instruments.


A major leap forward was also made in the Quality and Regulatory department; in 2013 HPF started to manufacture some medical products and to certify them directly with CE marking (Directive 93/42/EEC).


Another important turning point for the company was 2018, as the private equity firm GRADIENTE SGR, impressed by the experience and the new projects developed by the HPF’s technical staff, decided to acquire the company with the aim to expand its capabilities and to reach new ambitious targets at a very fast pace. Forging, casting, machining and finishing, as well as other manufacturing activities addressed to big and niche markets, are performed by HPF with passion and professionalism throughout their entire processes. Each project is greatly supported by GRADIENTE SGR that has reinforced and modernised the company by implementing a more streamlined organisation in order to be more functional and more competitive at international level.


We have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to:

  • Delivering high-standards products and innovative solutions to meet your unique needs
  • Operating as a socially responsible business partner

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